Introduction to Electrocardiogram Interpretation

Foundations of Cardiology: The Essentials of Electrocardiogram Interpretation


This course provides a comprehensive review of the anatomy and physiology of the cardiac conduction system, ECG concepts, and a systematic approach to rhythm analysis and ECG interpretation. Learners will review basic ECG concepts such as lead placements, ECG grid, unipolar and bipolar leads, ECG waveforms, ECG segments, intervals, and cardiac axis. The course covers different types of rhythms, such as sinus node rhythms, atrial arrhythmias, bundle branch blocks, and more, and also defines the ECG criteria for their identification.

Additionally, learners will learn about the mechanisms behind the rhythms and ECG changes associated with ischemia and ST changes during various stages of STEMI. Upon completion, learners will be confident in the interpretation and evaluation of ECG.

Upon 100% completion, learners will be awarded 3SKP accredited by the MOH and PPNI as well as a Certification of Completion co-signed by Thieme, the German Nursing Federation (Deutscher Pflegerat), MOH and PPNI.


Course Length:

4 hours(versus 1 day traditional course)

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