Early Warning Systems and Code Blue

Advancing Rapid Response: Proficiency in Early Warning Systems and Code Blue 


This course covers Early Warning Systems (EWS) for patient monitoring, including EWS components and implementation. It also includes EWS physiological parameters (case studies) monitoring, medical record sheets, and emergency examples such as Code Blue and early recognition. This course also discusses the implementation of escalation of care principles, including the Development Guide EWS, steps to use News 2 Version 2017, ACVPU Awareness Level, and FMEA. Upon completion, learners will be able to confidently implement and utilize EWS for efficient patient monitoring. 

Upon 100% completion, learners will be awarded a Certification of Completion co-signed by Thieme and the German Nursing Federation (Deutscher Pflegerat).


Course Length:

3-4 hours(versus 2 day traditional course)

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